Policies 2020-2021

Cancellation of lessons due to illness or family vacation plans

There is only limited time available to reschedule lesson times, so I am unable to reschedule for any other reasons. You may check the website to see if another time is available.  Please send me an email to confirm that you are switching times. Thank you.

All cancelled or missed lessons must be paid for

Lessons will be rescheduled or money refunded in the following circumstances: a) occasional sickness – 6 hours notice please b) family vacation plans – at least 1 week notice is required c) cancellation by me – you will be notified in this case. * Please do not miss a rescheduled lesson, it will not be rescheduled again!

Payment of tuition fees

Tuition fees are due as follows: Post-dated cheques are to be handed in at the first lesson in September or at your first piano lesson. Please see the sheet listing the amount for each month.

Stopping lessons before the end of June 2021

I require one month’s notice on or before the first of the month if your child wishes to stop lessons. Once you have stopped lessons, I will give your lesson time to someone else. I will return any post- dated cheques that are remaining.