General Info & Rates

Learning the piano takes time and commitment but is enormously rewarding. In addition to enjoying the music you create – piano lessons also have been shown to improve memory, build confidence, teach patience and perseverance, reduce stress and so much more. Private lessons allow students to progress at their own pace in positive environment – creating a lifelong love for music.

Teaching Piano Lessons

Teaching Piano Lessons

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Lessons run during the school year from Sept – June on a weekly basis.

Private Lessons – online 

These are a one-on-one 30 minute lesson that can be customized for any type of piano you would like and are appropriate for all levels of experience and all ages. From traditional to jazz or contemporary – you tell me what you would like to learn and I can work with that. Most students do a variety of styles throughout the year.

Semi Private Lessons – online

These are 30 minute lessons with 2 children of similar age and ability. They are appropriate for ages 4-6 when children are still discovering their interests. It usually works best if you can arrange two friends to sign-up together. My approach with younger children is to use a variety of games, art, singing and dancing to help introduce a love of music and establish the fundamentals of piano playing.

With all my lessons I include…

  • Piano books that are available for purchase at the lesson
  • Written weekly assignments in a folder
  • Organizing and assisting with registration for all exams
  • Registration and accompanying my students in monthly recitals (recitals are held online)
  • Registering and accompanying my students in festivals
  • Email updates with information about musical activities of interest to students on the North Shore
  • A small fun recital at either Halloween, Christmas or Year-End (recitals are held online)

Lessons can prepare students for…

BC Secondary School Credits

When students have completed intermediate level piano and theory examinations they receive BC high school credits for music for each year from grade 10 onwards. For more information see the BC Registered Music Teachers or the BC Ministry of Education.

Fees payable in advance by post-dated monthly cheques. An $87. deposit is required prior to Sept to reserve a spot for the upcoming year.  This deposit covers all of the lessons in September.

Tuition Fees for Private Piano Lessons

$30 for each 3o min. private lesson

Tuition Fees for Beginner Semi-Private Piano Lessons

$15/person for a 30 min lesson shared between two younger students (recommended for ages 4-6)

Other Costs

Books, festival fees and examination fees all vary depending on the level of piano and the student’s participation.



There are no music lessons on holidays (Pro-D days are not considered holidays). For 2019/2020 the holidays are:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas Break
  • Family Day
  • Spring break
  • Easter break
  • Victoria Day

Cancellation of lessons

​Lessons cannot be rescheduled for any reason except for sickness.  Please give me 6 hours notice and I will try to re-schedule for another time.  If you are planning to be away for a trip, please let me know well in advance and I will try to adjust my schedule.

Termination of lessons

Given one month’s notice when you are stopping lessons, I will return any unused cheques.

Open Door Policy

Parents are invited to sit in on any of their child’s lessons or drop them off.  Parent participation in lessons is completely optional, though it is encouraged for mom or dad to attend occasionally to see how their child is progressing.

Do I need to purchase a piano?

Yes, your child will need a piano at home to practise on.  Digital pianos have come a long way and with weighted keys and a full sized keyboard they are a great solution for beginners. Half sized upright pianos are also a low cost option. Electronic “personal” toy keyboards can work for beginners but should not be considered as a long-term instrument.  I provide all my students advice on purchasing pianos, piano tuning and can help with finding a second hand piano.

How much practise time is required?

It is important that students schedule time to practise  between their lessons, ideally on a daily basis.  Piano practise time increases at students progress to higher levels of piano.  Young beginners may practise 5-15 mins a day while more experienced students may want to practise an hour or more a day.

What are Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations?

I believe that piano lessons should be tailored to the interests of the student.  The Royal Conservatory of Music examinations provide a wonderful goal for the student to work towards.  As the student progresses through each accredited grade level, they receive a mark and a certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  When they have completed Gr. 8 level, they are eligible for  3 years of high school credits.  Later in life, the certificate accreditation is also used when applying for admission to schools, universities and jobs.

What is music theory?  Why do I need this to learn to play the piano?

Music theory is learning how to write music and to understand written music.   When you have a great musical inspiration, you may want to write it down and share it with others!  If you enjoy certain songs that you have heard before, you will be learning to play them from written music.

Preparation for theory examinations  for the Royal Conservatory of Music is not required until Grade 5 (intermediate level piano lessons).  Theory is taught in group lessons of 2-4 students.  There are 3 levels of theory examinations.  When these levels are completed by Grade 8 level of music lessons, students receive credits for high school.  Advanced Rudiments (theory)  is the pre-requisite for admission to music courses at the university level.

Is every child required to take Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations?

Music speaks to each person in a different way and my job is to find the way that works best for each individual. I believe that piano lessons should be tailored to the interests of the student.  I give students the opportunity to play the piano freely and creatively without looking at music (improvisation) as well as learning to play from written music.  It is fun to try different styles of music like jazz and popular as well as traditional.  If Royal Conservatory of Music examinations are not the best way to learn, then we can explore other avenues.

What opportunities are there to perform in public?

There are many fun and exciting opportunities for my students to share the music they are playing and to meet other students with similar interests.

  • Monthly recitals sponsored by the North Shore Registered Music Teachers with other students from the North Shore.
  • Special smaller recitals for the students in my studio.
  • Festivals such as the North Shore Music Festival where the students receive feedback from professional musicians.
  • Special events – I give my students information about special opportunities for them to perform.  My students have performed at Park Royal Mall for the Christmas shoppers and they have performed their original compositions for prominent Canadian composers. Two of my students were chosen to be featured with Lions Gate Sinfonia in their season opener at Centennial Theatre.  My students have performed at the Culture Days festivities in North Vancouver.